Face Shields(Multi-Day Packs)
  • Face Shields(Multi-Day Packs)

    Protection against Corona Virus is essential, specially for those at the frontline. Reusing the Visors can be dangerous, as they pose a much higher risk of contamination due to the large surface area. To ensure your safety, the Visors can be disposed at the end of the day while the Head Gears can be reused after due sanitisation. The Face Shields have been manufactured with international standards. Face Masks only protect mouth and nose, leaving the eyes and skin vulnerable. For the best protection, we recommend using the Face Shields along with 3 ply/N95 masks.

    • Product Specifications

      The head gears are made with heat resistant plastic, for safe sanitisation process. The visors are made from 300 micron Skin Safe PET sheets.

    • How do the Packs work?

      We have used heat resistant plastic to manufacture the Head Gears, to meet the highest sanitisation standards. The Head Gear can be reused, while the Visors need to be disposed at the end of the day to prevent contamination. To facilitate this, we are providing these in multiple day packs, with the following setup :

      7 Day Pack : 1 Head Gear with 7 Visors

      15 Day Pack : 1 Head Gear with 15 Visors

      30 Day Pack : 1 Head Gear with 30 Visors